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  • FQHC Academy

    Your Solution for Board Member Training

  • The Federally Qualified Health Center Academy is designed to be an innovative online training and resource center for organizations, employees and board members representing Federally Qualifed Health Centers across America. Because of the challenges in attending training seminars and workshops at inconvenient times and far from home, the FQHC ACADEMY provides the solution by bringing the classroom to you!

    The FQHC ACADEMY offers a variety of classes for Board Training and Administrative proficiency.  Learn from those who have years of experience and knowledge in managing and governing within the FQHC Community Healthcare System.  View the courses and begin your training today!



    FQHC Academy's Trainings

    The educational trainings that are offered to earn certificates include FQHC Terminology, Board Governing Basics, Operational Site Visit, Robert Rules of Order, etc.  They even offer a free lesson sampler to preview content. The descriptions of the classes are listed below -

    FQHC Terminology

    FQHC Terminology 101 Words and Acronyms is a collection of most used terms in the Community Health Center environment.  Quizzes and a final exam will reinforce your learning.  After completeing all of the lessons and final exam a Certificate of Achievement will be rewarded.

    Board Governing Basics

    Board Governing Basics is a beginner course for new and existing Board Members of Federally Qualified Health Centers.  The information provided in this training course will provide a better understanding of the activities, roles and responsibilites that are required to be an effective board member.

    Operational Site Visit

    This OSV Training course will help to prepare your Board of Directors and key management staff for the Operational Site Visit.

    Robert Rules of Order

    The solution for meaningful and productive meetings is easily accomplished when using the rules of parliamentary procedure.  This is an introductory course on how to coduct a meeeting using Roberts Rules of Order as the guide.

    Free Lesson Sampler

    This Free Lesson Sampler features one lesson each, from three of our core training courses.  Board Governing Basics, FQHC Terminology and Operational Site Visit.  See how FQHC Academy training can benefit board members and staff working in the community health center environment.


    Understanding Financial Reports

    Just about everyone involved with Board member activities will agree that understanding financial reports is probably the most intimidating and frustrating hurdle for new Board members to overcome.  This course will present a basic introduction and explanation of key financial statements and tools presented at Board meetings for financial reporting.

    If you can read a food label or baseball box score you can read financial statements and make sense of them. This course will show you how!

    The Ideal Board Member

    The success of any nonprofit organization begins with a dedicated and engaged Board of Directors. The Board is comprised of various individuals with a diverse set of skills and talents. This course identifies the leadership qualities and the roles and responsibilities of the Ideal Board Member.


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