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  • Medicaid Telehealth Claim Update

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    July 02, 2019

    On 7/1/2019 the Telehealth regulation expanding service locations and allowable providers becomes effective.  By now you should have received a provider letter from Kentucky Medicaid that outlines the use of two letter modifiers which would capture the location of both the telehealth provider of service and the location of the recipient. It has been discovered that many of the modifier combinations we chose are not HIPAA compliant and/or are out of the Industry Standard. Because of the fact that claims could be denied due to this error, DMS is postponing the two letter modifier requirement and will allow claims to be processed without them. Providers will still be required to place the “02” place of service modifier so that the claim will be adjudicated as a Telehealth claim. The Department for Medicaid Services apologizes for any confusion caused by this oversight and thanks you for your time and attention to this decision. When a viable solution is developed to address this data need we will notify our partners and providers alike.

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