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    Without health insurance many are unable to access the health care they need. Kynect, Kentucky’s State Based Health Insurance marketplace, allows individuals and families to enroll in health insurance coverage. One application allows you to see if you’re eligible for Medicaid or if you can get assistance paying for your private insurance plan.

    KPCA members across the state have kynectors who can help individuals apply for affordable health insurance. You can apply for health insurance through kynect.ky.gov, by calling 1-855-4kynect, or through a kynector. The KPCA can link you to a kynector near you. Just call 502-227-4379.

    The KPCA provides training and technical assistance to its members and other assisters.

    If you are interested in becoming a Certified Application Counselor Organization, please review this guide How to Become a Certified Application Counselor Organization and call  502-227-4379


    For more information on Kentucky HEALTH, please click here.

     Did you know it’s time to sign up for health coverage for 2019?

    If you need health insurance, you can now enroll at HealthCare.Gov. But hurry, the deadline to enroll in a plan is December 15th - so don’t delay! There’s a lot of confusion about the state of the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare), but the truth is the ACA is still the law of the land, and comprehensive health coverage including key consumer protections like no discrimination against people with pre-existing health conditions, is still available to consumers who need to get covered.
    Shop for a new health insurance plan on HealthCare.gov
    Most marketplace shoppers will qualify for financial help to lower their costs, too. In fact, 85 percent of current enrollees receive a tax credit to help lower their monthly premiums, and most pay less than $100/month for their plan. And this year, there are new plans available at new prices. Even if you’ve looked before, it’s important to check out your options - coverage might be more affordable than you think.
    Already covered? Then help us spread the word about open enrollment and make sure your friends and family #getcovered too. There is far less support for outreach and advertising this year, so it’s up to all of us to get the word out. Ask your friends if they’re covered, post on social media, and remind everyone that December 15th is the final deadline to sign up for coverage in 2019. Go to HealthCare.Gov to enroll today!
    Want free local in-person help? Contact your local Application Assister! To learn more about open enrollment and health coverage, click here.


    Medicaid Copay Policy Update Materials for Beneficiaries and Providers

    updated 11-1-18

    KY Medicaid Kentucky Medicaid Copay Policy Update for Providers

    KY Medicaid Managed Care Copayment FAQ and Quick Reference Guide for Providers

    KY Medicaid What Do I Need To Know About Medicaid Copays Update for Beneficiaries


    DMS Homepage

    Outreach & Enrollment Newsletter

    October 2019 Update 

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  • OE Updates for October:

    Attached is the first issue of Application Assister OE Insight. This document provides information on Deloitte Site Support and the issue escalation process for any issues. Please save this document, and print copies to keep as a resource. Follow this process with any Benefind/application issue. Provided is the PSL phone number and steps to follow.  

    Tracking issues:

    Please keep track of these issues in the spreadsheet provided. Include the date, identify the issue, capture the case number, and all steps taken that led up to the problem and what you did to resolve the problem including the date, time and name of the PSL person with whom you spoke and the DCBS person’s name, time, date if applicable. Ask for and record the system ticket numbers!


    OE Webinar:

    A very important email will be sent to you soon from KHBE regarding an OE webinar. Please look for this and attend. It will include information on this year’s OE toolkit and marketing strategies. It will also give additional websites where materials and resources can be found.


    Site support:

    I have contacted the 3 assisters with Deloitte site support in October. When November information is released, I will get that out to those involved. Please confirm that you have received it, and should an emergency arise, let me know ASAP so they can be contacted. On your site support day, please BRING your list of system issues and questions/problems with you so you can discuss those! This is our chance for real-time face-to-face help! We need case numbers and date/time of any issue.



    Should DCBS ask for your zip code and attempt to transfer you to your local office, please record the date, time and with whom you spoke and turn that in. This should not be happening.



    As mentioned before, the jails may contact you. The jailer letter notifying them of assisters and how we can help them has been sent to our communities, and they will be receiving a poster to hang up soon. Please be prepared for calls from them or those released. If your calls are routed through a front desk, notify those who answer phones so they will know transfer procedure. Hopefully, this will help those of us who have had problems “getting in” to those facilities, so please follow up with your local jail/prison next month if you haven’t heard from them. Re-entry officers are lots of help!

    You will also get the information for radio advertisements and low income housing information so you can contact local stations for free PSA info and provide OE flyers to front desks of housing complexes.

    Last, we have a couple of follow ups from our weekly region 8 meeting:


    I have attached the Application Assister Checklist provided from KHBE. This is intended to help assisters organize and think outside the box. It may also be used by supervisors in their evaluation process, and may be the things looked for if your event is visited. It does NOT have to be turned in monthly to us, nor does a paper copy need to be completed for each event. You are encouraged to use it within your agency and utilize regularly as a reminder of contractual obligations and helpful suggestions for events planning.

    Census Bureau info – This information was included in our Region 8 monthly meeting and email. Please DO NOT include census bureau materials at any outreach event.

    As you know, OE begins November 1st! Please share with your communities! Information from the OE toolkit should be provided at every event, and to your re-entry population, schools, community meetings, radio stations and low income housing offices. Also, don’t forget to reach out to our MCO community representatives for event possibilities.