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  • Kentucky Primary Care Association Shared Services

    The Kentucky Primary Care Association offers membership an opportunity to achieve some real savings on behalf of their patients and clinics. Any member organization wishing to participate in the KPCA GPO must complete the KPCA GPO agreement and send back to the Association office. Members, log in to your KPCA MemberZone account to view the GPO Participation Agreement.

    Through shared services offered within the Kentucky Primary Care Association, there is an opportunity for members to achieve some cost savings and to pass those savings on to their patients. Through the shared savings the Association may collect a small fee on your behalf, which benefits all members. Please check back to this page frequently as we add more more benefits!


  • KPCA Offering Member Clinics Access to Modules within MedTrainer

    The Kentucky Primary Care Association is presenting members with a new way to manage some of your compliance requirements by providing a single source solution to the administration of some key compliance folders and putting them in one place for easy tracking and auditing.
    MedTrainer will provide easy access to you and your employees for online healthcare focused training, bringing e-learning to life, easy access by employees to learning curriculums they can access from anywhere; MedTrainer offers Compliance tools that allows clinics to manage many different types of risk related activities from one easy location through an incident reporting tool; risk assessment tool; compliance checklist; OSHA reporting; and HIPAA Risk mitigation.


  • AT&T

    • Discount of 24% on monthly service for KPCA members' personal cellular voice and data plans.
    • Discount of 24% on monthly service for corporate cellular voice and data plans.
    • Employee family members are eligible for discounts when included on employee plan

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    Pacific Interpreters - Language Line

    Pacific Interpreters provides your clinic with access to a language line to provide your patient with translation services in sign language and almost any language. Insight Video interpreting available for almost any device, including an IPhone App. 

    Pricing is based on monthly minute usage. Each Clinic member should be covered under this KPCA contract. A copy of an agreement with Pacific Interpreters is enclosed, and instructions on how to use the service. 

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  • For more information on these programs please contact the KPCA offices at 502-227-4379