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  • David Bolt
    Chief Executive Officer

  • Chuck Morgan, CPA
    Chief Financial Officer

  • Mary Barron, RN
    Clinical Services Director


  • Drilon Gojani
    Communications Manager

  • Ashley Stanley
    Learning Coordinator

  • Michelle Stepp
    Clinical Education Quality Coding and Billing

  • Molly Nicol Lewis
    Chief Operating Officer

  • Joe Acosta
    Director of Member Services 

  • Edward Connors
    Member/Clinic Relations Manager

  • John Inman
    Director of Advocacy and Government Affairs


  • Christa Fleming
    Business Office Manager

  • Jill Martin
    Director of Behavioral Health

  • Rachael FitzGerald, MHA
    Chief Development Officer

  • Carol Adkins
    Coordinator of Community Development and Outreach

  • Teresa Cooper, RN, CPC



  • Noel A. Harilson, MS, CRHCP
    Director, IPA Services


  • Amy Mefford
    Administrative Assistant

  • Deb Maltby, MPS
    Quality Improvement Program Lead

  • Dana Wilson
    Member/Clinic Relations Manager


  • Doug Hogan
    Director of Marketing and Community Engagement 

  • Mendy Pridemore, RN, BSN, PAHM, PHIAS
    Clinical Educator